About me

Hi there! My name is Sylvia and I am the "a-type" behind this blog. I am a daughter of two German Immigrants who both escaped East Germany and found their way to Canada, and then found each other in the middle of the Canadian prairie.

I am a wife who helped put her PhD husband, Erwin, through 8 years of University and has spent over 30 years picking up books off the kitchen table, the dinning room table, the coffee table....

I am a mother of two now adult children, one is accident prone and one is a classic youngest child. I am an empty-nester, scratch that, two weeks after my youngest got married my husband and I moved across Canada to the eastern most province of Newfoundland...so really I'm more of a nest eliminator. My first born is currently keeping it blue side up as a pilot in Alberta and my youngest is currently trying to write her book in Switzerland.

I have been everything from a therapy clown to a recreational therapist for the older adult to a piano teacher. For fun I hug trees, hike the East Coast Trail, study at MUN, among many other activities.  I am now trying my hand at blogging, expat living and globetrotting with my husband as we spend the next year living peripatetically.

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