Saturday, 18 August 2012

Weekend Visit with T & H

Since we’re finally in the same time zone as one of our kids they decided to come for a weekend visit. Yay! 

We did some of the touristy things you have to do in this city like visit the Schloss (Castle) and stroll through its grounds and sample traditional regional foods and beer. T and I went shopping and so did H and Erwin – but to very different stores so all were happy. 

Lingered over breakfast, relaxed on the hotel terrace late in the evening (where we met a German/Egyptian arms dealer by the way) and basically just enjoyed being in each others company. Before we knew it 48 hours were up and they were gone again - with just some pictures and memories as mementos.

The city of Heidelberg is behind and below us on both sides of the Neckar river.

Not sure what she was trying to do here...
Erwin & I sitting on what is know as Goethe's Bench on the Castle grounds. Apparently he wandered these grounds in the late 1700's, sat on this bench and found inspiration here. Of course as a German prof/scholar Erwin had to sit here too.


  1. Do I want to know how you found out that guy was an arms dealer?

  2. Late night conversations fueled by drinks and smokes. He and dad actually exchanged email addresses and he has been added to your dad's ever-growing list of exotic contacts.